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Tristen Law

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Tristen Law is the voice and mind behind the Tristen Law Show has been a professional wrestler for 10+ years and a broadcaster for the previous 5 years.  Aside from beating opponents up in the ring, Tristen has also created, produced, hosted and co-hosted various other podcasts.  Aside from podcasts Tristen has also created short films and other visual media.


In 2019 Tristen started thinking about creating his OWN podcast and wanted to include pro wrestling, but didn’t want it to be another long discussion and dissection of pro wrestling topics.  Realizing it takes a lot of hands to put on a pro wrestling show, he instead wanted to introduce YOU to the different personalities inside and outside of the world professional wrestling.  


Utilizing Tristen’s obvious connections to the professional wrestling industry The Tristen Law Show serves to bring you candid and personal interviews with the personalities behind the up and coming professional wrestlers, the mega stars of today, those of yesterday, those who help make it happen outside of the ring and everybody in between.  


"If you really liked Season One of the Tristen Law Show, you're going to love Season Two... There are many upgrades that you'll see in Season Two and I hope you enjoy them all", says Tristen Law. 


Listen to The Tristen Law Show HERE or where you find your favorite podcasts. 

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